What is Quantum Coat™

QuantumCoat™ Before and After Engine Treatment 2016 Subaru Legacy

QuantumCoat Customer: Mark's Mercedes-Benz Brabus G63

In this video, QuantumCoat™ customer Mark adds our product to his Mercedes-Benz Brabus G63.   

QuantumCoat: Before & After | Hyundai Santa Fe

In this video we apply QuantumCoat™ to a Hyundai Santa Fe with over 180,000 miles.  This video shows the effects of Quantum Coat after 24 hours of use and then after 2 weeks of driving.  The owner of the vehicle Mike, saw an improvement in pick up speed right away, and the engine began running noticeably quieter and smoother.

QuantumCoat On A KINGTTU 21 SPEED 700C Road Bicycle

In this video, QuantumCoat™ customer Anthony adds our product to his KINGTTU 21 SPEED 700C.  This bicycle has a whole ton of bearings in it.  The bearings took a good amount of force to move before treatment.  After treating the bearings and chain, the bike moves effortlessly. 

QuantumCoat Before & After Springfield Armory 1911 RO

In this video we QuantumCoat™ a Custom Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer .45 ACP.  QuantumCoat wicks into all of the friction surfaces allowing the firearm to cycle effortlessly.    If you have a firearm that is very gritty and sluggish, QuantumCoat will make the firearm smoother than new.  For CCW carriers, QuantumCoat is a life saver.  

Glock 19 In The Snow | 25 Degrees Below Zero | QuantumCoat

Once again in Chicago, over night, in the snow, and in sub zero temperatures.  A Glock 19 with no oil is buried in the snow, at -25 degrees.  The Glock has been treated with QuantumCoat and functions flawlessly.  Almost no noise at all.