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Our Nano Technology has been scientifically proven, with over 15 years of testing to:

  1. Eliminate Wear
  2. Restore Lost Engine Power
  3. Increase MPG
  4. Increase Compression
  5. Reduce Emissions
  6. Reduce Mechanical Noise

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Service & Retail

Diamond Hard Carbon™ Coating

Initially organized to service the textile industry with QuantumCoat™, the original Diamond Hard Carbon™ relying on DiamondLube™. We have recently secured the exclusive license to DiamondLube™ for both service and retail sales.


Originally organized to service Vanguard Pai Lung's mills with Christopher Arnold's novel, Patented and Patent pending Diamond Hard Carbon™ coating technology.  Our service warranty is unparalleled in the Industry. We offer a five-year unconditional warranty on QuantumCoat™ service, which is applied in situ. Whereby your equipment never leaves the plant, and there is no downtime incurred to apply our coating. Simply put, our coating is as different from oil, as oil is to sand.

New Retail Product

Our retail product is based on DiamondLube™, however it is now twice as strong as the most concentrated DiamondLube™ ever available in the NASCAR formula.  Now ready to be offered at a fraction of the cost. It has been scientifically proven to work as tested by Azima DLI, Argonne Nantional Labs, DoD, DOE, and NASA.  Available on indiegogo.com for a limited time at a price so low - you cannot afford NOT to try it.

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The Team

Michael Arnold

CEO and Director of Marketing,

Retail Sales michael@enterprisecoatings.com

Christopher Arnold

Director of R&D, Christopher Arnold is a Plasma and Theroetical Physicist dealing with novel dense plasma focus.  A gemologist by trade, invented and produces the first, only and original Spherical, Diamond Hard Carbon™ nanomaterial ever to be conceived.

Industrial Services chris@enterprisecoatings.com

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